Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sorry it's mom using her new camera....lol

Ariel...Mom please I am trying to nap here.

Mom....Just let me see your pretty face.

Ariel..."Darn" those people at best buy for showing you that stupid flashbox.

Mom....Just one picture for all our blogging friends.

Ariel....You know I will do anything for my friends.Yet I bet it will be blurry.

Thank You All so Much

Me and Ariel would like to thank you all for the sweet welcome back posts.It's so great to be back with our wonderful friends we missed you all so much.The cat blogoshpere is such a special community and we are proud to be included.Also the evil word verfication has been removed.I want all my firends to be able to visit my blog without annoyance.....Love & Purrs Ariel's Mom

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Me and Ariel just wanted to tell everyone that we're back.We also have moved to Mass it's quiet and beautiful.Yet we still getting accustomed to everything.Yet Ariel loves the big kitchen window where she sits for hours looking at all the different birds.Our first few nights here were difficult to adjust to cause we aren't use to the quiet as we both lived in the City all our lives.There is a gorgeous park close by we people can feed the ducks or ride their bikes.Ariel and I have missed talking with and visiting our friends blogs.I hope to improve this blog soon with pictures and a new header.Well that's all for now .....Hugs & Purrs Ariel and her Mom